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IC-250 Tech Support


Product Data

Rated Capacity Limiter: Standard
Capacity on Outriggers: 36,000 lbs. (18 Tons)
Pick and Carry Capacity: up to 18,500 lbs. (9.25 Tons)
Height: 7' 11"
Width: 7' 10"
Boom Rotation: Continuous 360 Degree
Sheave Height: up to 79' 6"
Horizontal Reach: up to 70' 0"
4-Wheel Steer: Standard
4-Wheel Drive: Optional
Powershift Transmission: Standard
  • Tight Turning Radius
  • Fully Hydraulic Controls for Smooth Precise Operations
  • EPA Tier-2 LPG Fuel Engine
  • Independent Outrigger Controls
  • Currently producing 'E' Model


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