Quality Statement:

BMC Quality = Building the best, Maintaining the best and Creating the best


Mission Statement:

Broderson Manufacturing Corp.’s mission is to deliver industry leading products and service to every one of our customers, while focusing on safety excellence and practicing continuous improvement. This includes a commitment to satisfy all applicable requirements and to continually improve our quality management system.

Corporate Motto:




Corporate Philosophy:

Since our inception in 1973, Broderson Manufacturing continues to maintain our unique Corporate philosophy, “when people enjoy their work, it shows in the performance and quality of the machines they build.” This philosophy emphasizes efficiency, productivity, and personal job satisfaction; this in turn allows BMC to produce quality products at competitive prices.

Code of Ethics:

1. Honest and trustworthy in all our relationships.
2. Reliable in carrying out responsibilities and assignments.
3. Truthful and accurate in what we say and write.
4. Cooperative and constructive in all work undertaken.
5. Fair and considerate in our treatment of employees, customers and all other persons.
6. Law abiding in all our activities.
7. Committed to accomplishing all tasks in a superior way.
8. Economical in utilizing company resources.
9. Dedicated in service to our company and to the improvement of the quality of life in the world we live.


Core Value Statement:

To be a vision driven company, preserving the values, integrity, quality, and market leadership that has been, and continues to be the core values of this company. We strive to create an atmosphere where professionalism, teamwork, and friendliness is the rule and not the exception.


Vision Statement:

To gain national and global market share with recognition for being a value added supplier and partner. To develop and expand our diversity in business that both compliments our core competencies while evolving and growing alongside an ever-changing global economy. To guarantee this vision, we will consistently be an efficient and reliable partner offering total value throughout the life cycle of our products and services. 
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