Broderson Updates Parts Department

Broderson Parts Department

Broderson understands the critical importance of good parts support.  It is a major factor in improving equipment utilization and rental return.  It paces service shop efficiency and cost.  In a market environment where finding capable service technicians is highly challenging, wasting service tech time waiting for the right part to be delivered balloons operating costs and impacts customer service.  Cranes sitting in the yard or in a shop bay aren’t generating revenue. Good parts support becomes even more important in an active and growing market environment.

Broderson knows that providing good parts support isn’t easy.  Dealer and customer expectations regarding parts support and availability increase every day.  Service part demand forecasting is difficult and service part inventory control and order fulfillment require a savant like knowledge of part numbers, packaging and shipping processes.  Broderson is fortunate to be completely focused on a small segment of carry deck and cab down rough terrain cranes.  We don’t have the same distractions and complexity that full line crane manufacturers do, but it still requires good people and hard work.  Complacency is a fatal disease for every manufacturer.

Jeff Bust, President of Broderson Manufacturing Corp., commented.  “Growing up in a small town where my father ran the local hardware store, I saw daily a simple model of customer service.  Farmers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and ordinary customers would come in and need parts or materials.  Sometimes they knew exactly what they wanted, and sometimes Dad had to help them figure out what they needed.  He opened the store early and closed late.  From a son’s perspective it was almost God like how he would be able to figure out what was required and locate the right bin or box where it was stored.  It takes systems and technology to provide good parts support now, but Dad’s model of servicing a customer and providing a solution is still the foundation of what Broderson needs to deliver.”

In the last three years, Broderson has worked to improve our service parts performance.  In 2016 Broderson invested in a dedicated service parts inventory to remove our dependence on production inventory.  We segregated this dedicated service parts inventory in a separate warehouse.  We increased our parts demand analysis tools and improved our forecasting and replenishment processes.  We have fought through challenges caused by long time employee retirements by bringing in new team members and reassigning experienced Broderson employees to the service parts team.  Nelson Morris heads up the Broderson service parts team now and had these comments:

“The Broderson Service Parts team has had a challenging time during the last two years.  We have had to address retirements of key long term employees and we have had to learn new systems and skills related to demand forecasting, inventory replenishment and inventory control.  At the same time, we were moving into a new facility and dealing with everything from setting up the warehouse racking to working through IT and phone issues.  We have come a long way and we will keep getting better.”


Meet the Broderson Parts team (pictured from left to right): Scotty Womack; Materials, Jesse Pettibon; Parts/Materials, Nelson Morris; Department Manager, Chuck Harper; Materials, Larina Patterson; Parts Customer Service Representative, and Jerl Emory; Parts Customer Service Representative.

The Broderson parts department takes orders through SmartEquip entries, emails or by phone.  Take time to look through our website.  It may not be as flashy as some, but it is a virtual library of Broderson product information.



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