Below is a list of our past models' technical specifications.  If you would like the technical specifications for a current crane model, please click our Tech Support page in the main menu and find your specific model in the side menu. 



Tech Spec
IC-20-A Tech Spec ic-20-a-techspec-584.pdf  (481 KB)
IC-20-B Tech Spec ic-20-b-techspec-b286.pdf  (701 KB)
IC-20-B Tech Spec ic-20-b-techspec-b287.pdf  (548 KB)
IC-20-C Tech Spec ic-20-c-techspec-b388.pdf  (558 KB)
IC-20-CE Tech Spec ic-20-ce-techspec-be289.pdf  (560 KB)
IC-20-D Tech Spec ic-20-d-techspec-b193d.pdf  (700 KB)
IC-20-D Tech Spec ic-20-d-techspec-b196d.pdf  (758 KB)
IC-20-D Tech Spec ic-20-d-techspec-b690d.pdf  (586 KB)
IC-20-E Tech Spec ic-20-e-techspec-b199e.pdf  (847 KB)
IC-20-F Tech Spec ic-20-f-techspec-b100f.pdf  (698 KB)
IC-20-F Tech Spec ic-20-f-techspec-bc102f.pdf  (133 KB)
IC-20-G Tech Spec ic-20-g-techspec-bc104g.pdf  (1048 KB)
IC-20-G Tech Spec ic-20-g-techspec-bc105g.pdf  (184 KB)
IC-20-G Tech Spec ic-20-g-techspec-bc106g.pdf  (164 KB)
IC-20-H Tech Spec ic-20-h-techspec-bc109h.pdf  (164 KB)
IC-20-H Tech Spec ic-20-h-techspec-bc111h.pdf  (164 KB)
Engineering Spec
IC-20-F Engineering Spec ic-20-f-engspec-bd100f.pdf  (153 KB)
IC-20-F Engineering Spec ic-20-f-engspec-bd102f.pdf  (137 KB)
IC-20-G Engineering Spec ic-20-g-engspec-bd101g.pdf  (419 KB)
IC-20-G Engineering Spec ic-20-g-engspec-bd106g.pdf  (208 KB)
IC-20-H Engineering Spec ic-20-h-engspec-bd109h.pdf  (208 KB)
Turning Spec
IC-20-F Turning Spec ic-20-f-turnspec-bj100f.pdf  (30 KB)
IC-20-G Turning Spec ic-20-g-turnspec-bj104g.pdf  (30 KB)




Tech Spec
IC-25-A Tech Spec ic-25-a-techspec-kc104a.pdf  (1,345 KB)
IC-25-A Tech Spec ic-25-a-techspec-kc105a.pdf  (478 KB)
IC-25-B Tech Spec ic-25-a-techspec-kc106a.pdf (188 KB)
IC-25-C Tech Spec ic-20-c-techspec-b388.pdf  (558 KB)
Engineering Spec
IC-25-A Engineering Spec ic-25-a-engspec-kd105a.pdf  (266 KB)
IC-25-A Engineering Spec ic-25-a-engspec-kd106a.pdf  (133 KB)
Turning Spec
IC-25-A Turning Spec ic-25-a-turnspec-kj105a.pdf  (82 KB)
IC-25-A Turning Spec ic-25-a-turnspec-kj106a.pdf  (70 KB)




Tech Spec
IC-35-A Tech Spec ic-35-a-techspec-hc192a.pdf  (1012 KB)
IC-35-B Tech Spec ic-35-b-techspec-hc194b.pdf  (1023 KB)
IC-35-2B Tech Spec ic-35-2b-techspec-hc197b.pdf  (769 KB)
IC-35-2B Tech Spec ic-35-2b-techspec-hc198b.pdf  (748 KB)
IC-35-C Tech Spec ic-35-c-techspec-hc100c.pdf  (233 KB)
IC-35-C Tech Spec ic-35-c-techspec-hc102c.pdf  (720 KB)
IC-35-C Tech Spec ic-35-c-techspec-hc102cr.pdf  (185 KB)
IC-35-C Tech Spec ic-35-c-techspec-hc103c.pdf  (135 KB)
IC-35-D Tech Spec ic-35-d-techspec-hc104d.pdf  (190 KB)
IC-35-D Tech Spec ic-35-d-techspec-hc105d.pdf  (195 KB)
IC-35-D Tech Spec ic-35-d-techspec-hc106d.pdf  (204 KB)
IC-35-2E Tech Spec ic-35-2e-techspec-hc109e.pdf  (204 KB)
IC-35-2E Tech Spec ic-35-2e-techspec-hc111e.pdf  (204 KB)
IC-35-2E Tech Spec ic-35-2e-techspec-hc209e.pdf  (204 KB)
Engineering Spec
IC-35-C Engineering Spec ic-35-c-engspec-hd100c.pdf  (300 KB)
IC-35-C Engineering Spec ic-35-c-engspec-hd102c.pdf  (287 KB)
IC-35-C Engineering Spec ic-35-c-engspec-hd103c.pdf  (122 KB)
IC-35-D Engineering Spec ic-35-d-engspec-hd104d.pdf  (451KB)
IC-35-D Engineering Spec ic-35-d-engspec-hd106d.pdf  (158 KB)
IC-35-2E Engineering Spec ic-35-2e-engspec-hd109e.pdf  (158 KB)
Turning Spec
IC-35-C Turning Spec ic-35-c-turnspec-hj100c.pdf  (106 KB)
IC-35-D Turning Spec ic-35-d-turnspec-hj104d.pdf  (48 KB)
IC-35-D Turning Spec ic-35-d-turnspec-hj106d.pdf  (66 KB)



Tech Spec
IC-40-A Tech Spec ic-40-a-techspec-jc104a.pdf  (201 KB)
IC-40-A Tech Spec ic-40-a-techspec-jc106a.pdf  (217 KB)
IC-40-2B Tech Spec ic-40-2b-techspec-jc109b.pdf  (217 KB)
IC-40-2B Tech Spec ic-40-2b-techspec-jc111b.pdf  (217 KB)
Engineering Spec
IC-40-A Engineering Spec ic-40-a-engspec-jd104a.pdf  (136 KB)
IC-40-A Engineering Spec ic-40-a-engspec-jd105a.pdf  (138 KB)
IC-40-A Engineering Spec ic-40-a-engspec-jd106a.pdf  (180 KB)
IC-40-2B Engineering Spec ic-40-2b-engspec-jd109b.pdf  (180 KB)
Turning Spec
IC-40-A Turning Spec ic-40-a-turnspec-jj106a.pdf  (86 KB)




Tech Spec
IC-80-G Tech Spec ic-80-g-techspec-cc103g.pdf  (317 KB)
IC-80-G Tech Spec ic-80-g-techspec-cc105g.pdf  (411 KB)
IC-80-H Tech Spec ic-80-h-techspec-cc109h.pdf  (411 KB)
IC-80-H Tech Spec ic-80-h-techspec-cc111h.pdf  (411 KB)
Engineering Spec
IC-80-G Engineering Spec ic-80-g-engspec-cd103g.pdf  (297 KB)
IC-80-H Engineering Spec ic-80-h-engspec-cd109h.pdf  (297 KB)
Turning Spec
IC-80-G Turning Spec ic-80-g-turnspec-cj103g.pdf  (151 KB)



Tech Spec
IC-200-3D Tech Spec ic-200-3d-techspec-dc101d.pdf  (109 KB)
IC-200-E Tech Spec ic-200-e-techspec-dc102e.pdf  (607 KB)
IC-200-E Tech Spec ic-200-e-techspec-dc103e.pdf  (749 KB)
IC-200-E Tech Spec ic-200-e-techspec-dd202r.pdf  (505 KB)
IC-200-F Tech Spec ic-200-f-techspec-dc103f.pdf  (389 KB)
IC-200-F Tech Spec ic-200-f-techspec-dc106f.pdf  (461 KB)
IC-200-G Tech Spec ic-200-g-techspec-dc108g.pdf  (461 KB)
IC-200-H Tech Spec ic-200-h-techspec-dc112h.pdf  (501 KB)
Engineering Spec
IC-200-3D Engineering Spec ic-200-3d-engspec-dd101d.pdf  (130 KB)
IC-200-E Engineering Spec ic-200-e-engspec-dd102e.pdf  (596 KB)
IC-200-E Engineering Spec ic-200-e-engspec-dd202e.pdf  (787 KB)
IC-200-F Engineering Spec ic-200-f-engspec-dd103f.pdf  (394 KB)
IC-200-G Engineering Spec ic-200-g-engspec-dd108g.pdf  (394 KB)
Turning Spec
IC-200-E Turning Spec ic-200-e-turnspec-dj101e.pdf  (134 KB)
IC-200-E Turning Spec ic-200-e-turnspec-dj102e.pdf  (145 KB)
IC-200-F Turning Spec ic-200-f-turnspec-dj103f.pdf  (54 KB)





Tech Spec
IC-250-A Tech Spec ic-250-a-techspec-ic102a.pdf  (316 KB)
IC-250-3A Tech Spec ic-250-3a-techspec-ic102ar.pdf  (260 KB)
IC-250-3A Tech Spec ic-250-3a-techspec-ic104a.pdf  (199 KB)
IC-250-B Tech Spec ic-250-b-techspec-ic105b.pdf  (335 KB)
IC-250-B Tech Spec ic-250-b-techspec-ic106b.pdf  (296 KB)
IC-250-C Tech Spec ic-250-3c-techspec-ic108c.pdf  (296 KB)
IC-250-C Tech Spec ic-250-3c-techspec-ic109c.pdf  (296 KB)
Engineering Spec
IC-250-A Engineering Spec ic-250-a-engspec-id102a.pdf  (240 KB)
IC-250-3B Engineering Spec ic-250-3b-engspec-ib105b.pdf  (233 KB)
IC-250-B Engineering Spec ic-250-b-engspec-id106b.pdf  (221 KB)
IC-250-C Engineering Spec ic-250-c-engspec-id109c.pdf  (221 KB)
Turning Spec
IC-250-A Turning Spec ic-250-a-turnspec-ij102a.pdf  (122 KB)
IC-250-B Turning Spec ic-250-b-turnspec-ij105b.pdf  (34 KB)
IC-250-B Turning Spec ic-250-b-turnspec-ij106b.pdf  (62 KB)



Tech Spec
MH-42-B Tech Spec mh-42b-techspec-ac390b.pdf  (786 KB)
MH-42-F Tech Spec mh-42f-techspec-ac193f.pdf  (682 KB)




Tech Spec
RT-300-B Tech Spec rt-300-b-techspec-gc101b.pdf  (841 KB)
RT-300-2B Tech Spec rt-300-2b-techspec-gc102b.pdf  (789 KB)
RT-300-3A Tech Spec rt-300-2b-techspec-gd202b.pdf  (519 KB)
RT-300-C Tech Spec rt-300-c-techspec-gc106c.pdf  (299 KB)
RT-300-C Tech Spec rt-300-c-techspec-gc205c.pdf  (276 KB)
RT-300-2E Tech Spec rt-300-2e-techspec-gc108e.pdf  (276 KB)
RT-300-2F Tech Spec rt-300-2f-techspec-gc111f.pdf  (276 KB)
Engineering Spec
RT-300-2B Engineering Spec rt-300-2b-engspec-gd102b.pdf  (617 KB)
RT-300-C Engineering Spec rt-300-c-engspec-gd106c.pdf  (287 KB)
RT-300-C Engineering Spec rt-300-c-engspec-gf105c.pdf  (286 KB)
RT-300-2E Engineering Spec rt-300-2e-engspec-gf108e.pdf  (286 KB)
Turning Spec
RT-300-B Turning Spec rt-300-b-turnspec-gj101b.pdf  (148 KB)
RT-300-2C Turning Spec rt-300-2c-turnspec-gj105c.pdf  (61 KB)
RT-300-2C Turning Spec rt-300-2c-turnspec-gj106c.pdf  (73 KB)


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