Broderson Manufacturing Corp., founded by Dean Broderson, is one of many post-war “Greatest Generation” successes that helped turn America into an economic superpower. Born in 1925 in the flat farming country of Osage County Kansas, Dean patriotically served his country with honor as a tail gunner during World War II. After returning to his native Kansas, Dean earned an engineering degree at the University of Kansas. Early on in his engineering career Dean demonstrated a keen interest in lift equipment innovation working with Ray Pittman (founder of Pitman Manufacturing and R.O. Products) and Art Moore (founder of Snorkel) in the Kansas City area. Broderson was founded in 1973 based on Dean’s confidence in his engineering experiences, and the belief in the market need for innovative lift equipment vision. Success came quickly and the unique Broderson legacy lives on vibrantly to this day.


Broderson’s early success can be attributed to Dean correctly identifying an opportunity: manufacturing, energy, utility, steel, mining and other industry markets needed more versatile, durable, and dependable industrial cranes. From the start, Dean’s focus was on quality, simplicity and reliability. Broderson’s market share quickly increased, driven by a well deserved reputation for rugged design, precise control and dependability. Up until his death in 1983, Dean Broderson always humbly attributed his success to recruiting employees who shared his vision and commitment. A down to earth culture based on customer service, straight answers and exceptional products lived on and propelled the company forward through several plant expansions and the recent major milestones of delivering our 10,000th crane in 2012, and the celebration of Broderson’s 40th Anniversary in 2013.

From the top down, Broderson employees remain passionately dedicated to providing the industry with the best cranes and service. In particular, the reputation of the market leading IC-80 and IC-200 models continue to grow based on performance, and the ability to exceed the expectations of even our most demanding customers.

Whether using a 15-Ton Rough Terrain Crane, a small 2-Ton or a large 25-Ton capacity Carry Deck Crane,
every Broderson crane is

  • Designed, produced and supported by an organization with 100% focus
  • Simple to operate with precise controls
  • Equipped with options that meet your needs and requirements
  • Designed with robust booms for demanding needs and precise picks in tight places
  • Easy to maintain
  • Supported by an employee team with many years of experience
  • Available in 2-or 4-wheel drive configurations
  • American made

Today, Broderson remains the crane of choice for plant, facility and project site requirements in
a wide range of industries including

  • Oil Refineries
  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Mining (domestic and offshore)
  • Pulp/Paper Mills
  • Large Mechanical Contractors
  • Auto Manufacturing
  • Power Plants


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